Thursday, January 17, 2013

My New Blog

I've been publishing posts at my primary website ( since I started it. However, that blog doesn't do much in the way of enabling discussion and commentary. I'm therefore going to be moving the blog portion of the site here to better enable that interaction. I've also set myself a goal to read (at least) one book per week, and post my honest review of that book both here and on Goodreads, likely in the reverse order I originally wrote them (most recent first, that is). I've started that already, so I'll be cross-posting the review from Goodreads here, and then post at both sites as I create new reviews. (I'd post those reviews on Amazon, but... well, that's another blog post at some point.) The web site will serve as a reference site for those interested in the series. You can look there to get book descriptions, lists of characters, lists of the Aliomenti Oaths, and the like. I'm hoping the dual-site approach -- used by many authors -- will work well.

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