Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The New Series

I've made reference to my next series on my Facebook page from time to time, and a few beta readers have had the chance to look through the text of the first.

The series is titled the Ravagers, and it's told in something of a breakneck, mini-series episode format. Lots of action, lots of chapter-ending cliffhangers, and the revelation of a pretty nasty conspiracy from the points of view of flawed characters who have varying degrees of suspicion and responsibility.

Here's the initial blurb for the first book, titled Activate.

It is the year 3,500… but humanity’s survivors don’t know that.

A series of great calamities drove humanity’s numbers to less than six figures, destroying all technology and infrastructure, and pushing memories of civilizations past to the realm of story and myth, a Golden Age never to rise again. But an unearthed Time Capsule provided the means to jump-start civilization anew, providing humanity with the tools and technology to generate massive walled cities, create communications infrastructure, and grow numbers at a rapid pace.

Two centuries have passed.

The world population has climbed again above nine figures, settling into an historic pattern of warring geographic alliances striving for planetary dominance.

For some, though, a mere world war won’t bring them what they want.

They’ll demand something far more devastating.

They’re just waiting for the right time, and the right person, to set their plan in motion.

I have the first three books in the series either written or plotted out, and the process should move along more quickly than the Aliomenti books did given both the style and the generally shorter length of the text. The books occur in the same world as the Aliomenti, though far into the future. If you look closely, you may spot a familiar face or two. :)

Oh, and covers. The covers are... well, see for yourself. :)

Activate should be available before Convergence rounds out the Aliomenti Saga. I hope all of you enjoy reading!

Cover Reveal: CONVERGENCE, Book 7 of The Aliomenti Saga

As I type this, the manuscript is in the hands of my editor. With any luck, the cover will offer a few clues as to what's coming.

No exact timing yet on availability, though late October / early November seems a reasonable speculation.